About Deepmark Cargo Limited

Deepmark Cargo Limited was founded and incorporated in the year 2001 in Kenya.

Since inception, we have been at the forefront providing our services to both old and new companies, importers and exporters. Our commitment to this cause is second to none and the company has continuously evolved to meet the ever changing customer needs and flourishing business opportunities in the Great Lakes Region.

While we welcome growth; we continue to maintain a close relationship with all our clientele. Our staff are encouraged to excel in their individual roles, but team spirit is essential. We are a dedicated innovative and dependable company, always at the forefront of finding solutions related with clearing and forwarding for our clients, Export and import. Today we are a comprehensive Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding Agency with total Logistics Solutions.

Deepmark Cargo Limited is a company that recognises the tenet principle of competitiveness in full view and understanding that it encourages quality both in services and products. It also focuses at fostering impeccable and fresh impetus in the local freight service standards whilst localizing solutions to suit specific clientele needs’ of a Kenyan market.

Freight industry is a largely influenced by happenings within the global circles, and therefore in order to stay a breast with the changing trends and dynamics within the industry, the company refuses to work in isolation or remaining a bemused bystander as opposed to playing an active role in shaping the destiny of the Freight and Logistics industry, with special attention to local needs. The company is committed to providing prompt and personalised quality services.

Deepmark Cargo Limited operates its offices in Nairobi and are located at Laptrust House on Haile selassie Avenue.

Company Mission

The company’s mission is to become the most preferred Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage and Logistics service provider by:-

1Providing exceptional, prompt and personalised quality service to our client’s hence delivering real added value to their business.

2Creating an enabling environment where our employees can learn, grow and be motivated in their work.

3Making the communities in which we work better places to be and thereby.

4Optimising the long-term return to our shareholders, while providing a safe and sound investment.

5To be a firm foundation of a thriving and efficient shipping industry providing satisfactory services to Kenya, regional and the rest of the world.

Corporate Vision

To provide competitive global shipping services.

Corporate values.

The company’s reality and aspirations are reflected in the following four values:-

Excellence:We always work to improve our services in order to achieve high standards in service delivery.

Professionalism:We value professionalism to the extent that even the smallest tasks in the company are entrusted in the hands of professionals. We also reward professional achievements by encouraging our staff to seek further training.

Innovation:At Deepmark Cargo Limited, we always open to new ways of doing things and thinking and are always ready to take risks in pursuit of maintaining our reputation as the industry innovator.

Integrity:Our thinking, dealings and communication is always credible and honest

Company’s Objectives and Goals

1To offer quality Freight Services to our customers.

2Maintain well trained and motivated staff.

3Advancement of information technology.

4Sound Financial Management.

Company’s Responsibilities

a)To Employees

To provide all employees with safe, healthy environment, friendly working conditions, adequate tools and competitive conditions of service.

b)To our Customers

We seek mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, contractors and other companies or institutions that do business with us.


Deepmark Cargo Ltd has in its employ, well-experienced and qualified staff that are capable of working round the clock to ensure efficiency and timeliness. To us, at Deepmark Cargo Ltd, our client’s demands take priority. Comprising of a team of able and dedicated staff, Deepmark Cargo Ltd has lived to see its glory in achieving its target and the set goals.